The office partition is used as a partition wall that separates the indoor public space into separate areas. It can not only divide the large space into areas with different functions, but also be simple and beautiful, and have a sense of layering, which helps to enhance the image of the enterprise.

Office partitions are commonly used: single glass partitions, double glass partitions, double glass louver, wooden partitions, plaster walls, etc. Common office partition products are a combination of these materials.

Multi-functional office area partition – renovation suggestions

First, the office area of the management personnel can use high partitions to divide the area into independent spaces. High partitions can improve the utilization of space, and managers can also close the distance with employees.

Secondly, if it is a financial room, a reception room, a conference room, etc., which needs to create a quiet atmosphere, it can be divided by a solid partition or double glass louver, and the sound insulation effect should be enhanced.

Third, if it is a large meeting room, high-grade glass partitions can be used to highlight the texture, and because of the installation of sound-amplifying equipment, it is possible to add a soft fabric or sound-absorbing panel for sound insulation on the wall.

Fourth, if it is the office area of employees in various departments, it can be used with low partitions and equipped with various office facilities. The staff office area needs good lighting and ventilation environment.

Fifth, the leisure area such as the company restaurant is a place where employees can relax and rest. They can design art partitions and show the company’s corporate culture.

PRANCE glass partition features:

  1. During the use of glass partitions, the doors, windows, physical modules and partitions can be exchanged at any time and can be reassembled and reused. After the materials are disassembled and assembled, the damage is minimal, and the expenses incurred by the frequent relocation of offices can be greatly reduced.
  2. Installation is faster than regular partitions.
  3. The construction voice is small and does not affect people’s working or life.