The perforated aluminum plate is made of high-quality aluminum raw materials. It adopts advanced CNC machine tools or laser engraving and perforation technology to drill holes of various shapes on the aluminum plate surface. The plates can meet the individualized decoration needs of customers according to different requirements.

The public area has a large flow of people and loud noise. The application of punched aluminum plate wall surface can reduce the noise pressure in large areas. The picture is a case of PRANCE school gymnasium project.

The perforated aluminum plate can be customized according to different design requirements of the actual use place, and can be made into different thickness, different shape, different perforation rate, different size including Perforated aluminum ceiling or wall decoration aluminum plate.

PRANCE | Perforated sound-absorbing aluminum plate Features:

  1. Perforated aluminum plate can be combined with numerical control technology to realize the decoration requirements of large-scale engineering ceiling and wall surface;
  2. Perforated aluminum plate product has good flatness after punching in the machine tool operation, and the installation effect is good;
  3. Perforated aluminum plate has high strength and light weight per unit area;
  4. The sound absorption and sound elimination effect of the perforated aluminum plate is good, and it can prevent moisture and mildew;
  5. Perforated aluminum plate is also easy to install, construction is simple, each board can be disassembled and replaced separately;
  6. Perforated aluminum plate can be customized according to customer requirements in terms of size, shape, surface treatment and color to meet the individual needs of customers.

Perforated aluminum plate can be used in: ceilings in hospitals, schools, stadiums, offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, etc., and can also be used for wall surfaces.

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