In the office decoration, the ceiling is an indispensable part. A good office ceiling can not only beautify the environment, but also soundproof and improve light, hide and decorate various pipes. There are many shapes and colors of common metal ceilings. Different decoration methods can combine different styles of office.

What are the types of office metal ceiling decoration effects?


1. Linear strip ceiling combination

The ceiling is neatly arranged, and the long linear ceiling can stretch the field of view well, alleviating the pressure of the whole space.

2. Simple square panel ceiling combination

The ceiling combination method has no complicated level, simple and generous, simple shape, and makes the overall space bright and spacious. It is suitable for large-scale office ceilings, which is conducive to improving work efficiency;

3. Irregular panel ceiling combination

The ceiling is divided by different levels or irregular lines to create a sense of flowing space. The design technique is more difficult and the office characteristics are more prominent.

4. Art blade ceiling combination

Create an artistic sense of space, this ceiling shape is changeable, the shape and size of the hanging piece can be designed according to different places;

5.  3D open grid ceiling combination

The ceiling is composed of three-dimensional criss-crossing lines and is suitable for a space with a certain height. Flexible indoor lighting effects;

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