Aluminum veneer is the main building materials we see in daily life, among which the library and some landmark buildings are the main external walls.Similarly, we can find that the aluminum veneer of these buildings will be more high-end and beautiful than the aluminum veneer we usually see. Why?


Aluminum veneer is generally used in building external walls.Color is one of the factors that influence the appearance of Aluminum veneer wall.Use different colors for different occasions.Because many factories do not have a complete production workshop, nor do they have a complete powder spraying line, resulting in color errors and uneven colors in the production process.This is also the result of Aluminum veneer aesthetic deficiencies.

As for the Aluminum veneer used in some landmark buildings and libraries, they are more in pursuit of the metal texture of the architectural appearance, so these Aluminum veneer require designers to design the appearance of Aluminum veneer according to the architectural drawings, including the number of holes and pattern patterns. Also can design according to different architectural style, choose different color collocation.

Visually, it’s also different.Aluminum veneer customization find FOSHAN PRANCE Building Materials CO., LTD., professional production equipment, first-class design team, for you to design a different curtain wall.