Aluminum veneer is a common building material. Compared with other building ceiling materials, why is the price of aluminum veneer so expensive? What is the main reason?

Aluminum veneer are generally used for building exterior walls. Each aluminum veneer size requires designers to analyze, scrutinize, and study nodes according to engineering design scales, so that each board size is developed. After various simulation combinations, begin the final development is made the Production plan.

The aluminum veneer without the simulated installation is difficult at the site Installation, between the board and the board is difficult to achieve the overall balance, there will be problems such as the height of the tilt in the place where is combined, Seriously affect the overall decoration effect.

Many times, workers have spent too much time in order to correct the balance of the process, thus delaying the installation schedule and greatly increasing the labor cost of installation. In terms of the overall effect, it is also difficult to achieve the drawing design effect.

In order to achieve the effect of the drawing, after the production of the veneer, it is necessary to carry out multiple simulation installations for optimization and improvement. Although the aluminum veneer produced in this way is expensive in cost, it will be simple and convenient to install after the site is completed, thereby reducing the installation cost and accelerating the completion time of the project.

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