In the office very day, the ceiling layout is very messy, especially in the lighting module and the sprinklers are even more messy. So how should we combine with the aluminum plate to solve this problem?

To solve this situation, you could use with an integrated strap with a 600×1200  aluminum ceiling panel:

The reason why the ceiling of the ceiling is messy is that the central air-conditioning, lighting, and exhaust vents have not been clearly arranged for the spray point of the fire. We look up and look at the ceiling, in addition to the aluminum ceiling panel , there are fire sprinklers, lighting Lights, air conditioning and exhaust air, and more chaos. The integrated light strip solves this problem very well.

By integrating the light strips, these devices are placed together and then combined with a 600×1200 aluminum ceiling panel. Then, in the overall decoration space, it will appear more atmospheric, eyes look up, 600×1200 aluminum ceiling panel under the overall light belt, the office space sense is infinitely magnified.

The PRANCE 600×1200 aluminum ceiling  panel has a relatively high flatness and a strong sense of space, so many hotels will prefer this aluminum ceiling panel in the decoration. The office is less used due to space problems, plus lighting, air conditioning entrance, spray point, etc., but if you use a light strip with a 600×1200 aluminum ceiling panel, then the overall decoration effect will be It seems more layered.

PRANCE aluminum ceilings are exported to many countries and the products meet a variety of testing standards.

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