This year is the fifth year of Foshan’s 50KM walk. In order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Foshan’s 50km walk, FOSHAN PRANCE Building Materials gathers at the starting point of the Living Water Park-Nanhai Line to witness the beauty of Foshan and the bright future together.


Departing along the Living Water Park, you will feel the early spring birds and flowers, and look far and wide, and your mood will instantly become bright and bright. The walking steps have also become a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Around the Qiandeng Lake Park, walk into the patchwork Qian Deng Hu Lake and Metasequoia, shuttle through it, red chandeliers, plank road piers, enjoy the natural wilderness outside the city life, and discover different levels of beauty. Unconsciously, we came to our first sign, the National Fitness Park.


After signing, it is a 12-kilometer bird-like flower-side riverside landscape belt, river, graffiti, and flowers show you the picture of the South China Sea spring. Walking in it as if people are in the middle of the painting.


Along the Yingyue Lake, we slowly came to Pingzhou Jade Street, the most eye-catching, no more than frogs, rabbits, and carrot-colored dinosaurs, a variety of animal dolls, is the scenery here. Popularity.


All the way forward, along the river, to show the youthful vigor. From day to night, we continue to persevere and temper the will of the people. We go straight to the end, use the footsteps to measure the beauty of the city, and feel the connotation of the city with heart, and feel the Foshan Forest Besieged City and the Green City Flying Flower.


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