At the beginning of January, we received a call from the person in charge of Zhuzhou Zhigu, saying that the factory workshop needs to be renovated. We need to order a batch of 600mm x 600mm x 20h, 0.8 thick aluminum clip in ceiling for a total of 1800 square meters.

And put forward two major requirements:

1. The production capacity of the product.

2. The company has professional designers.

Since there are still many orders to pick up the goods after the customer’s factory year, after receiving our initial quotation, due to the urgency of the time, the customer came to our factory the next day to verify that our company’s production capacity and product production speed are Very confident.

After the factory was inspected, the customer sent us the drawings the next day. After reading the drawings, we found that in addition to the conventional 600 plates, there are 150mm slats that require additional design.

After simply reading the drawings, our business colleagues immediately contacted the customer, simply communicated the details of the installation on site, and immediately discussed the renovation plan with colleagues in our technical department.



Due to the different 600 x 600 mm aluminum clip in ceiling system, after three days of discussion, repeated communication verification. At the request of the customer, in order to adapt the 600 x 600 mm dark aluminum plate to reduce unnecessary loss, we increased the length of the strip and designed a long strip of 150 x 4000 mm, but this solution is more customized than the customer.

Budget, for this reason, we have re-adjusted the strategy according to the situation, separated the springboard installation system, established a center point on the drawings, and wanted to lay aluminum gussets on both sides to reduce unnecessary wear and accelerate construction schedule.



The customer is also very satisfied with our plan. After some discussion, the customer finally decided to use our second solution. The following is the installation effect of the product.



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