Bee Coffee Shop is a chain store located in Hang Hau MRT Station in Guangzhou. Its concept is “more hive, innovation and entrepreneurship is simple”, to create a platform suitable for younger generations of entrepreneurs to exchange and share.After receiving the order drawings of their aluminum veneers, our business colleagues also contacted the customers in time.

After receiving the drawings of the products, in order to match the customer’s product concept, how to express the characteristics of the store in the overall decoration is our primary consideration.

After many discussions in the technical department, we decided to use the shape of aluminum veneer as the main body, with yellow fluorocarbon paint spray, through the healthy, pleasant and relaxed decoration style, to attract the hard-working “bee” on the way to and from work, Come and rest, take honey.

The customer also agrees with our plan, and the shape of the aluminum veneer is more difficult to achieve overall balance than the general aluminum veneer.

In order not to delay the progress of the construction period, we have produced a number of simulation installation adjustments, reducing the difficulty of on-site installation and allowing the board to complete the installation more quickly.

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