Recently, we received a product inquiry from a decoration company in Zhuhai.

We wanted to purchase lay on ceiling tiles, the size was 595*595*0.65mm, and it was shipped to Macau.


After initially understanding the customer’s needs, we found that the on-site installers did not know much about the installation of this bright frame. To this end, we communicated with customers in a timely manner and obtained the installation drawings from the site. Due to the different installation systems of such bright shelves, we solve the installation problems in time to avoid delays.

Our technicians interpret the drawings and the customer’s office is divided into multiple office areas. In order to make the product more effective, we give a solution and recommend customers to use the T-shaped keel. Compared with other keel fittings, the drop board ceiling effect installed with the T-shaped keel makes the line more visible, and has added space to get a sense of line.

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