Foshan first hospital in Foshan is familiar to every Foshan people. It can be said that a hospital in Foshan has accompanied Foshan for generations. With the development of time, a hospital in Foshan City gradually upgraded to a provincial top three hospital. In order to give patients a better environment, while building a new inpatient department, the hospital also began to partially renovate the aging ceiling.
At the beginning of the year, after receiving the inquiry request from the hospital, we sincerely invited the hospital to visit our factory for on-the-spot investigation. During the inspection of the metal aluminum ceiling tiles production workshop, our company displayed the “integrated automatic production molding machine”. The production process of 54 professional production equipment, the hospital said that the supply capacity of our factory is very assured.
After visiting the product’s washing pool, spraying line, dryer and other equipment, the hospital expressed great satisfaction with our factory production capacity and professional technology. After visiting the factory and comparing with many manufacturers, the hospital finally decided to choose the PRANCE brand. Customers choose us not only to recognize the production capacity of the factory, but also to affirm the open innovation of our product technology.

In order not to affect the daily operation of the hospital, the hospital first refurbished the ceiling from some public areas, using the Perth brand 600x600x1.0mm full-punched aluminum plate. The hospital expressed great satisfaction with the quality of our company’s products and the installation effect. The ceilings of other areas were also used to renovate the products.
PRANCE undertakes all kinds of large metal ceiling projects.
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