In this year, we received a consultation on the ceiling project of new factory. It is necessary to purchase a batch of 600 x 600 mm aluminum clip in ceiling with a ceiling construction area of 5,500 square meter.

The products are used in the ceiling decoration of factory workshop, offices and corridors. After detailed communication with the customer, understand the site layout and installation precautions of the plant. Found two difficulties in the project.

Engineering Difficult 1

The conventional installation system for the aluminum clip in ceiling on the top of the cement is relatively simple, but the customer’s project is the top of the steel structure, and a mounting system must be rebuilt.

The top of the steel structure is a C-shaped channel steel, which can not be perforated in the channel steel (which will affect the strength of the steel structure), nor is it suitable for installation in combination with conventional explosive expansion screws. The welding operation is also time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Solution 1

In order to solve this problem, we have specially provided C-type channel steel hangers for customers, which can reduce the construction difficulty, reduce the installation time of the ceiling, and save labor costs for customers.


Engineering Difficult 2

The project uses a flat plate without perforated the aluminum clip in ceiling. The construction area is relatively large and the multi-area is connected. It is easy to cause the air in the ceiling to expand after the indoor ventilation.

Solution 2

Therefore, we recommend that customers reserve ventilation at a specific location. This is to ensure that the air pressure on the ceiling is consistent and the flow of the airflow is maintained to avoid this phenomenon.


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