Aluminum ceiling is a special material with light weight and durability. It is widely used in ceiling decoration products in various places. The aluminum ceiling has many excellent characteristics, which can achieve good decorative effect and various functions. Popular with consumers.

A building material that is necessary for the installation of an aluminum clip in ceiling system: Edge angle. The edge angle mainly solves the splicing of the ceiling plate and the wall surface, so that the ceiling and the wall surface are integrated into one body, achieving a good decoration effect.

Here are two types of edge angle, which are common and innovative.

Figure 1 shows the more commonly used aluminum ceiling trimming method, which uses an L-shape edge angle. The feature of this trimming edge is to maintain the flatness of the board surface, and the problem of sealing and coordinating the entire board surface and the wall is well solved.

Figure 2 is a relatively innovative W-shape edge angle. Compared with the L-shaped edge angle, the flatness and three-dimensional feeling of the W-shaped edge angle will be better. When encountering a wall with a relatively complicated structure, the W-shaped edge angle will have a good decoration effect.


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