In May of this year, we received a project inquiry for a factory. After a simple telephone communication, the engineering side provided us with a difficulty that the beam would be lower than the floor beam and the height of the concrete roof would be insufficient. In the case, what should we do?

In fact, when the ceiling of the factory is installed, the column beam is lower than the floor beam. This situation is often encountered. When there is a difference in the ceiling, we deal with it by the following two points:

The first point: the overall hanging, the triangle keel maintains the same horizontal line.

Unlike our daily installation, when the column beam is lower than the floor beam, when the clip in ceiling keel is installed, the triangle keel and the beam bottom are kept at the same horizontal line, maintaining the overall aesthetics.

The second point: cutting the aluminum plate, the triangular keel is nailed to the wall.

The aluminum plate is bent and then mounted to the position of the upper beam of the ceiling to carry out the treatment of the cladding beam. In the corner of the upper beam, we can use the ceiling to wrap the beam angle for detailed processing.

Finally, the edge of the aluminum clip in plate is wrapped with the side of the beam body to make the overall installation effect more beautiful and smoother.

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