Ceiling theme: Ocean

Wavy metal square tube ceiling system

The theme of the mall’s ceiling is mainly designed around the “ocean”. The curved square tube ceiling plays a good marine decoration effect. The ceiling can also be matched with the marine biological elements to create an atmosphere that can bring comfort and speciality to customers.

The special aluminum square ceiling can be bent and curved, and the appearance of the curved aluminum square provides the designer with a broader space to create a more unique and beautiful work. The arc-shaped square pass is technically difficult in terms of commissioning and operation. Our company can provide metal ceiling solutions to produce high-quality curved square tubes according to customer requirements.

Since the aluminum square pass is transparent, the luminaire, air conditioning system, and fire fighting equipment can be placed in the ceiling to achieve a consistent and perfect visual effect. The aluminum square pass is easy to install and the maintenance is also very convenient. Since each aluminum square ceiling pass is separate, it can be installed and disassembled at will, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.


Commercial Building Metal Ceiling Solution

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