Recently, some customers have consulted us about the metal ceiling solution of the mall, and the ceiling is used for the decoration of the mall corridor. After understanding the customer’s needs, our business is analyzed in conjunction with the customer engineering scenario and provides the following recommendations:

  1. The width of the mall corridor is quite special, it is not suitable to use the conventional 600 x 600mm aluminum plate, because in the process of trimming, the material loss is more, and the cost is increased;
  2. The shopping mall belongs to a commercial place with a large flow of people. In order to better maintain the air circulation, it is not suitable to use a densely assembled ceiling;
  3. Combine the environment, create an active atmosphere, and improve the purchase interest of customers in the mall. You can choose to use the special ceiling with strong stereoscopic effect to decorate the environment.

Based on the above 3 points, we recommend customers to use aluminum open cell ceilings.

Aluminum open cell ceiling decoration advantages:

  1. The decoration style of the aluminum open cell ceiling is different from the common plasterboard and aluminum clip in board, which makes it easier to give people a refreshing feeling, so that customers can have a deep impression on the shopping mall and come back again.
  2. The aluminum open cell ceiling has the characteristics of distinct lines, ventilation and ventilation, etc. It is more suitable for the decoration of the mall.

After reading our overall renovation plan and renderings, the customer is satisfied and adopts our recommendations. For more information on the decoration solutions for metal ceilings, welcome to contact us.