Aluminum solid panel is a widely used decorative product for indoor and outdoor ceilings, walls, exterior walls, packaging, etc. The product has rich and diverse shapes and is mainly customized products.

Aluminum solid panel has good rigidity and high strength; it is easy to install and install, and can be recycled and reprocessed, with a wide selection of colors, and can also be processed into a variety of shapes, with good decorative effects. Strong corrosion resistance. and pollution resistance, long life.

For the processing of Aluminum solid panel-shaped curtain walls, first select high-quality plates, and then through full factory production, process and shape them according to the actual design drawings.

The surface of the formed aluminum plate shall be inspected for flatness scratches, welding, grinding, polishing, etc., and the dimension direction of the aluminum plate shall be checked. Only after passing all inspections can surface spraying be carried out. Final packaging and shipment.

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