To give your space a unique and stylish finish, linear metal suspended ceilings can provide a practical solution with a modern design. Linear metal ceilings are widely used in indoor commercial spaces. Metal plate ceilings, metal baffle ceilings, and aluminum grille ceiling products are used to design the linear shape of metal ceilings. It has various forms, rich colors and can be customized, can shape ever-changing indoor forms, and has good decorative effect.

One of the many benefits of linear ceiling design solutions are smooth, clean lines that bring linear flow to your ceiling design. Our premium linear metal ceilings are ideal for applications that require an aesthetic finish or overall design functionality.

Linear metal ceiling systems are the ideal solution for creating modern ceilings with clean lines and delicate undulations. It offers versatility according to your needs and consists of designed suspension and metal profiles. PRANCE's linear metal ceilings are clearly the best choice for interior applications. The ceiling system operates seamlessly in indoor and outdoor spaces, providing barrier-free ceiling access. When choosing a linear metal ceiling, consider installation, price, and aesthetics.

Linear metal ceiling applications

PRANCE creates high-quality linear ceilings with a variety of looks and design features. Not only do we have a range of metal linear ceilings that will bring extraordinary beauty to any space. It is known for its ease of installation and is ideal for stations, airports, offices and public buildings. As a professional metal ceiling manufacturer, PRANCE can provide customers with customized linear metal ceiling services. The following are some application projects of our company's products:

Airport Ceiling  |  Metal Plank Ceiling

Airport Ceiling   |  Metal Plank Ceiling

Station Ceiling | Metal Baffle Ceiling

Station Ceiling   |  Metal Baffle Ceiling

Station Ceiling | Metal Ceiling Baffles

Station Ceiling   |  Metal Baffle Ceiling

Station Ceiling | Metal Grid Ceiling

Station Ceiling   |  Metal Grid Ceiling