Aluminum mesh panel is currently the most popular ceiling or wall decoration for construction projects. In addition to beautiful decoration, it also has the function of anti-theft protection. The stencil is very decorative. The styles of aluminum mesh panels are changeable, and a variety of diamond-shaped holes can be selected. Let's follow PRANCE aluminium panel manufacturer to understand how aluminum mesh panels are designed and manufactured.

Aluminium Mesh Panel

Manufacturing process of aluminum mesh panel

Aluminium mesh panel products are made from solid sheets of aluminum alloy or other metals/alloys. During the expansion process, the sheet is slit and stretched at the same time, expanding the slits into diamond-shaped holes of uniform size, shape, and regularity.

Aluminium Mesh Panels

No metal is lost during the expansion process, and the final product is stronger per kilogram and lighter per meter than the original sheet. The strands and joints of the newly formed diamond-shaped trusses are angled to the original planes of the panels, adding strength and stiffness.

Since it's made of metal solid panels, the expanded mesh will never fall apart. The open diamond-shaped metal wires that form the new sheet allow light, heat, air, liquid and sound to pass through, but create a nearly impenetrable barrier to larger solid objects. Even if the finished sheet is cut at one or more points, the remaining strand intersections continue to hold the sheet together.

Aluminum Mesh Panels

PRANCE is one of the leading aluminium panel manufacturers in China. We are regarded as experts in the aluminium mesh panel industry and are able to meet the needs of all types of aluminum mesh panel users. 

Applicable places: ceilings and walls in subway stations, offices, shopping malls, airports and other places.

Aluminium Mesh Panel Design

Aluminium Panel Design

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