Aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles application

With the rapid economic development, aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles are used in the ceilings of industrial buildings, such as public buildings, such as railway stations, airport terminals, concert halls, stadiums, and grand theaters. The construction method is more scientific and the anti-corrosion performance is stronger. The roof, floor and wall of the building adopt a plate type with more reasonable forces and connections.


The aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles has high strength, light weight, and good anti-seismic performance of waterproof agent. The PRANCE aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles ceiling system is convenient for construction and installation, shortens the construction period and reduces transportation costs.

Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

The aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles has various specifications, can be combined with a variety of styles, is highly decorative, and has a simple and elegant installation effect. The aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles is made of aluminum alloy raw materials, which can be recycled and reused.

Aluminum Ceiling Panel

Many export ceiling projects choose PRANCE brand aluminum clip-in ceiling tiles. As a metal ceiling manufacturer, PRANCE strictly controls the quality of its products to reduce customers’ worries.