Office ceiling design is an indispensable part of office decoration. Choosing suitable ceiling materials can greatly improve the aesthetics of the office environment, while increasing the utilization rate and aesthetics of the entire office space.

How to choose office ceiling? 1


So how to design the perfect office ceiling?

The ceiling of the office area contains many unsightly factors such as beams, air conditioners, lights, etc., which will not only affect the visual aesthetics, but also produce a sense of oppression. When designing, the light and brightness of the office area should be considered. Generally, a ceiling lamp design or a rectangular light strip design should be used. The brightness of the lighting needs to be reasonably controlled.



Aluminum clip-in ceiling can decorate the office ceiling very well, it can hide the unsightly factors, and the overall effect is beautiful and simple after installation. The aluminum clip-in ceiling combined with the decoration of the LED light board makes the whole office environment bright and suitable for office work.