PRANCE metalwork is a leading manufacturer of metal ceiling and facade systems.

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    PRANCE has a complete and scientific management system on product quality control to enforce the ISO 9001:2015 standard. As products meet the EN, ASTM standard,our products have got the recognition and support from our customers from China and Internationally.

    Clip In Ceiling 7Clip In Ceiling 8· General Information

    Material                              Aluminum alloy / Hot-dipped galvanized steel
    Coating                              Powder Coating / Pre-coating
    Suspension System         A-shape Grid (Figure 1)

    clip-in7 (Figure 1)

    · Product Feature

    •  Adapt to various environments, moisture, wind, corrosion and so on;
    •  Aluminum ceiling is light in weight, high in hardness, durable and long in use;
    •  Construction installation is easy to disassemble, easy to repair and easy to clean;
    •  Long-lasting color and resistance to deformation, it is a green environmentally friendly material;
    •  Aluminum ceilings are rich in style and color and can be customized.Suitable for all occasions.

    · Edge Profile

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    · Product Application

    –  Shopping center, supermarket
    –  Outdoor facilities, gas station, toll station
    –  Station, railway station, airport, bus station
    –   School, stadium, education
    –  Office, conference room, exhibition room
    –  The lobby, corridor and bathroom of the building
    –   Canteen, restaurant, hotel
    –  Hospital, chemical laboratory, etc.

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