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Enamel Solid Panel 1
Enamel Solid Panel 1

Enamel Solid Panel


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    Enamel Solid Panel 2


    After numerical bending And processing, applying imported aluminum plate, and then spraying enamel glaze on the front and back sides of the aluminum panel. Lastly, burning under high Temperature the enamel solid panel completes.
    Metal Enamel Solid Panel – Advantages:
    · Anti-corrosion: Salty spray test exceeds 2000h;
    · Fireproof: Bearing high temperature;
    · Easy to clean: Surface free of pores, oppressing bacteria Growth and facilitating cleaning;
    · Weather resistant: Free from the effect of ultraviolet ray, on fading in 30 years;
    · Environment friendly: Free of noxious constituents to human Body;
    · Wear resistant: High hardness, no scratches during use and cleaning.

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