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Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District WKCD Project

The Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District project is Hong Kong's largest cultural endeavor to date, covering 40 hectares and including 17 core arts and cultural venues and arts education spaces. The project aims to establish a world-class arts and cultural center that integrates arts, education, and leisure spaces, creating a vibrant cultural district for Hong Kong.

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Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

The Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District is a significant cultural development project aimed at creating a new cultural landmark for Hong Kong. In November 2020, the PRANCE team participated in this project, supplying hyperbolic aluminum panels and other materials for interior and exterior decoration. Despite the challenges, the team gained client recognition through meticulous design and precise construction.

Project Timeline/Project Address:

November 2020, / Hong Kong, China

Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We


Hyperbolic Panels / Suspended Keel

Application Scope:

External Framework / Interior Ceiling

Services We Offer:

Planning product drawings, demonstrating 3D models, cross-referencing product information multiple times, material selection, processing, and production of the product, as well as providing technical guidance and support during construction.

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| Challenge

The main challenge of the project lies in the precision processing and installation of the hyperbolic panels. These panels, with two or more curved surfaces, require special materials and processing methods to ensure precise dimensions and shapes while avoiding damage to sharp corners. During installation, the requirement to maintain extremely small joints presents a high-precision challenge for processing and installation techniques. Additionally, to prevent damage to un-folded edge panels during transportation, quality control, packaging, and transportation must also be very careful.

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| Solution

To address the challenges of the West Kowloon Cultural District project, the PRANCE team built a 1:1 scale skeleton model inside the factory for multiple trial assemblies and adjustments. They used special processing methods to ensure the dimensional and shape accuracy of the hyperbolic aluminum panels and improved installation techniques to meet design requirements. During the spraying and packaging processes, the team took additional quality control measures and used wooden crates for packaging to ensure the integrity of the panels before transportation and installation.

| Installation Drawings

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| Production Process Diagram

■ Production Drawing


■ After Spraying


| Packing and Loading


| Partial Renderings

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