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Hong Kong Airport Terminal 1 - Aluminum Single Panel Column Cladding Project

Since its activation in 1998, Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1, as the first terminal of Hong Kong International Airport, has become a model of airport architecture worldwide with its grand scale and advanced design. However, as time progressed, to meet the increasing demand, Terminal 1 required expansion and upgrades. PRANCE is honored to be part of this historic project.


Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

PRANCE's main supply task was the cladding columns for the T1 extension of the Hong Kong International Airport. The design of these columns is unique, requiring large curvature, large radius, and the presentation effect should be the ultimate, PRANCE for this project, deepen the design scheme, to meet the high standard requirements of the A party.

Project Timeline/Project Address:

 November 2021 / Hong Kong, China

Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We


PRANCE provided large curvature and radius cladding columns for the Hong Kong International Airport T1 expansion project. In order to ensure the stiffness, curvature and splice stability of the decorative cladding columns, we added a galvanized iron frame behind the 3.0 thick aluminum panels.

Application Scope:

Terminal 1 Indoor and Outdoor

Services We Offer:

Planning product drawings, demonstrating 3D models, cross-referencing product information multiple times, material selection, processing, and production of the product, as well as providing technical guidance and support during construction.

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| Challenge

Due to the project's pursuit of ultimate results, the edges of the aluminum panels cannot be folded, which makes the panels prone to deformation during the rolling process, affecting the overall assembly. Additionally, due to the pandemic, we were unable to visit the site to inspect the final outcome, which imposed higher demands on our production and quality control.


| Solution

To address these issues, PRANCE added a galvanized iron frame at the back of the aluminum panels as a reinforcement to ensure the hardness and curvature of the decorative columns. During production, we strictly controlled the quality to ensure smooth and flawless surfaces. In the transportation process, we adopted individual wooden crate packaging for each column to ensure the products arrived safely and undamaged to the customer. Through these measures, we ultimately met the high standards required by the client.

| installation Drawings

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| Project Installation Process

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未标题-3 (18)

| Partial Product Production Diagram

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未标题-2 (26)
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| Final Completion

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