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Kuwait The National Security Bureau Perforated Aluminum Veneer Curtain Wall Building Project

The National Security Agency of Kuwait is the central organisation for maintaining national security and is responsible for protecting national interests and social stability. PRANC is honoured to be entrusted with this project as security and aesthetics are of paramount importance in the design and use of the building.


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PRANCE - Custom Perforated Metal Panels Manufacturer
Project Overview and Architectural Profile:
The project team closely followed the needs of the Kuwaiti National Security Agency with attention to detail and excellence. The exterior design incorporates modern elements to present a contemporary image of the organisation. The interior ceiling design focuses on enhancing the comfort and efficiency of the office environment, providing an ideal workplace for employees.
Project Schedule:       Project location:
April 2019                              Kuwait
The products we offer for exterior interior/suspension systems:
Total area≈6,000 square meters
Perforated Metal Panels
Application Range:
Metal Facade
Services We Provide:
Planning product drawings, demonstrating 3D models, cross-referencing product information multiple times, material selection, processing, and production of the product, as well as providing technical guidance and support during construction.

PRANCE Perforated Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer

For the National Security Agency building project in Kuwait, we encountered the challenge of translating the design on the rendering into an actual aluminum veneer product. The client required us to accurately replicate the style of the rendering, which required our team to be highly precise in the details. At the same time, we had to ensure that the materials selected were sufficiently corrosion-resistant in the Kuwaiti climate.


PRANCE Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer's technical team used precision techniques and advanced double-sided painting processes to ensure that the size and shape of the perforated aluminum veneer matched the rendering perfectly. Meanwhile, for the climate conditions in Kuwait, we rigorously tested and selected aluminum veneer materials with excellent corrosion resistance to ensure the long-term beauty and durability of the building's appearance.

Part of the production process:

PRANCE - Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer
Perforated Aluminum Veneer

Quality checking and loading:

Perforated Metal Facade Panels
Custom Perforated Metal Panels Manufacturer
Perforated Metal Facade Panels
PRANCE - Perforated Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer
Some of the design drawings in this project can be used for presentation
Schematic Diagram Of Exterior Wall  Perforated Metal Panels Products:
PRANCE - Custom Perforated Metal Panels Manufacturer
Sample display:
PRANCE - Custom Perforated Metal Panels Manufacturer
Design drawings and as-built results:
Perforated Aluminum Veneer for Kuwait The National Security Bureau Curtain Wall
Custom Perforated Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer
Actual Project Pictures:

PRANCE - Perforated Aluminum Veneer Manufacturer's Building Project

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