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Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 1
Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 1

Aluminum Baffles PRANCE

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Product Overview

The Aluminum Baffles PRANCE is an open and drafty style ceiling and wall solution with a fine, smooth, and compact design.

Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 2
Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 3

Product Features

The J-Baffle can be with full or partial perforation, and the rounded tip end of the panel serves as both a design element and a way to stiffen the alignment of the panel.

Product Value

The product has long life and stable performance, making it a high-value option compared to other products in the market.

Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 4
Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 5

Product Advantages

The advantages of the Aluminum Baffles PRANCE include modern design styles, long life, stable performance, and high commercial value.

Application Scenarios

This product is suitable for multiple industries and fields, meeting the needs of customers in various applications such as commercial, residential, and industrial spaces.

Aluminum Baffles PRANCE 6
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