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Aluminum curtain wall decorative panel

Most of the aluminum curtain wall decorative panel products are customized exterior wall decoration products. Aluminum panel Generally, after chromiumization, etc.Fluorocarbon coatings mainly refer to polyfront fluoride resin (KANAR500), divided into three types: bottom paint, facial paint, and varnish.Generally divided into two paint, three paint, or four paint.Fluorocarbon coating has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance. It can resist acid rain, salt mist, and various air pollutants. It has excellent cooling and cold resistance. It can resist strong ultraviolet irradiation.,long lasting.

The curtain wall aluminum panel is composed of panels, reinforced tendons, ears, etc., and can also fill the insulation ore rock wool on the back of the panel.Hanging ears can be bent directly from aluminum panels, or use profiles on the panel.There is a bolt on the back of the panel. The reinforcement and panel are connected with a bolt to form a whole to form a whole. The enhanced tendons will increase the wind pressure characteristics of the aluminum panel in long -term use.Spray high -temperature fluorocarbon paint on the surface of aluminum panel.

Berlis brand building materials decoration products have been confirmed in the past 18 years, and have thousands of typical engineering project examples, including Fuzhou Metro, Foshan Metro, Xuchang high -speed rail, Brisbane International Airport, China Huaneng, etc.The Metal Small ceiling engineering department of the PRANCE brand is full of designs for your writing buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, airports, subways, hotels, etc., and provide professional smallpox curtain wall design schemes, and use the concept of innovation to provide unique ceilings and exterior wall effects for all buildings with the concept of innovationEssence

Aluminum curtain wall decorative panel 1

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