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How to correctly install aluminum gusset ceiling?

Aluminum gusset ceilings have gained popularity among homeowners due to their stable performance, long service life, and beautiful appearance. Many people choose aluminum gusset ceilings when decorating their ceilings. In recent times, building materials manufacturers have taken charge of installing all ceiling-type solar panels. However, not everyone is familiar with the installation process of aluminum gusset ceilings, which consists of seven parts. It is crucial for workers to pay attention to each step, particularly when working with the PP board.

The installation process of aluminum gusset ceilings begins with pre-construction preparation. This involves installing various pipes and equipment on the ceiling, ensuring that the positions of lamps, vents, and lighting holes are fixed. Next, the weak wires are installed. Following the floor level as a guide, workers draw a line along the wall based on the design elevation. By finding the center of the room and using the ceiling level as a reference point, the positions of the keel are marked on the wall.

The next step is to install the keel boom. By using the ceiling elevation and the position of the keel horizontal line, workers determine the end elevation of the boom and install it using pre-processed booms. These booms are fixed on the ceiling with expansion bolts. The diameter of the round steel used for installation is typically 8, with a spacing of 1200mm.

How to correctly install aluminum gusset ceiling? 1

Once the boom is in place, the main frame is installed. The distance between the main keel and the light steel keel should be controlled at 1200mm. During installation, the main keel is connected to the boom supporting it. Following this, the keel is installed according to the requirements, using masonry nails to fix the 2525mm painted keel wall near the ceiling height. The spacing between cement nails should not exceed 300mm.

After installing the main keel, the secondary keel is installed. This involves using a supporting plate to install the secondary keel based on the size of the aluminum buckle plate. The secondary keel is then hung on the main keel. In cases where the length of the secondary keel exceeds the extension length, a secondary keel connector is used to connect the other end of the keel. The keel is straightened and fixed in position.

PRANCE, a leading manufacturer in the industry, focuses on continuous improvement in product quality and conducts in-depth research and development before production. With years of experience, PRANCE has excelled in the manufacturing of aluminum gusset ceilings and provides professional services. These ceilings are widely used in various industries, including machine tools, boats and ships, autos, aerospace equipment, agricultural machinery, and construction machinery.

PRANCE's aluminum gusset ceilings are manufactured using advanced welding, cutting, polishing, and other production technologies. This ensures the production of flawless products with superior performance. The ceilings are made of excellent materials, featuring a simple style and accurate specifications. They are wear-resistant, durable, eco-friendly, and safe, surpassing other products in the same category in terms of cost performance.

Founded in [Year], PRANCE has always prioritized quality and innovation. The company strives to offer customers the best products and services, with a focus on providing professional technical support to partners. For return instructions or any other queries, customers can reach out to the PRANCE aftersales service team.

How to correctly install aluminum gusset ceiling? 2

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