The main function of office glass partition is to separate from space to space, and also I guess there are still lots of custumers do not clearly undetstand its details and its prices.

Types of Office Glass Partitions

1. Regular Glass partitions: The glass shows its transparent and its simple style.

2.Sandblasting Glass partitions: with beautiful pictures, the partitions will have beautiful appearance and also different aesthetic.

3. Cracked glass partition: After bumping the temper glass, the glass will be cracked naturally and then it becomes glass partitions. Since it’s bumping so that the crackings in the partitions are diferent than one andother and have special visual effect.

4. Artistic Colorful Glass partitions: Artistic Colorful Glass has luxury appearance and also shows the ability of sun-through. In the simple and elegant space, the color art glass is the expression of fine and meticulous important material.

Style of Office Glass Parition.

1, single glass partition: transparent and bright, very light, simple structure, make full use of light extension space, exquisite node processing to make space full of vitality, spacious and bright.

2, double glass partition: fashion, elegance, simplicity, exquisite, construction noise and other characteristics, does not affect people around the work life. Can be part of the disassembly, repeated use.

Double Glass partitions with Louver: Beautiful appearance, the image of the prominent, panel arbitrary combination, filling creativity; blinds installed in the middle of double glass, nice, open and privacy perfect combination, no cleaning;

Office glass partition Notes:

1, Style: Great range, the design should pay attention to height, length and actuality and other changes in unity.

2, the color of the match: As the partition is part of the whole room, the color should be consistent with the basic part of the room.

3, the choice of materials and processing, according to the first two principles, can be carefully selected and processing materials, in order to achieve a good image, shape and wonderful color with.