The aluminum alloy profile has the characteristics of high strength, strong corrosion resistance and low deformation.

  • Check thickness:

    In the case of normal use, the aluminum door is deformed, probably because the thickness of the aluminum alloy used is too thin. The thickness of the profile directly determines the pros and cons of the aluminum alloy door.

  • Check the tightness:

    Check the sealing of the aluminum door glass compartment. In addition to checking whether the glass coating on the front side is tight, check whether the sealing strip on the back glass is flat and requires no curling or grooving.

Features of the PRANCE aluminum door:

1. The Material Is Lighter

2. Good Sealing

3. Beautiful Color

4. Easy To Install

5. Long-term Use

PRANCE offers a wide range of aluminum doors, such as sliding doors,  casement doorsfolding doors, etc. The products can meet the installation requirements of various terrains and provide customers with multi-faceted decoration suggestions.

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