PRANCE brand is a professional manufacturer of engineering aluminum clip-in ceiling products. According to different ceiling installation methods, aluminum clip-in ceiling are generally divided into exposed keel installation aluminum clip-in ceiling and concealed keel installation aluminum clip-in ceiling. Generally, more models are used for the installation of concealed keel.

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Commonly used aluminum clip-in ceiling styles are divided into two types: flat and perforated aluminum clip-in ceiling. The perforated types include round holes, square holes, long holes, triangular holes, large and small combination holes and other pattern punching, etc. Customers can punch according to With different styles and design requirements, you can choose at will.

Aluminum clip-in ceiling are usually called square plates or square aluminum clip-in ceiling. This style of ceiling is relatively common in the market, and it is also a commonly used ceiling product. Therefore, large and small aluminum clip-in ceiling manufacturers have appeared on the market. The aluminum clip-in ceiling has a variety of styles to choose from, which can achieve a perfect balance in design structure, color performance, and use functions.

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It can perfectly express the designer’s design while giving full play to the designer’s strengths. idea. Help it to complete novel and unique, full of fashion flavor, structural layout, but also fully reflect the integrity of modern architecture.

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Each plate of the aluminum clip-in ceiling is independent, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to maintain. It is mainly used in various public places to facilitate air circulation. While exhaust and heat dissipation, it can distribute light evenly, making the entire space spacious and bright, and widely used In: Offices, conference halls, schools, hospitals, exhibition halls, factories and other occasions. The key to choosing aluminum clip-in ceiling is not the thickness, but the material used.

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Generally, a conventional 0.6mm thick plate is enough, because aluminum clip-in ceiling do not have span problems like plastic steel plates. The key to selection is the elasticity and toughness of the plate. The second is the surface treatment of the product.