PRANCE metalwork is a leading manufacturer of metal ceiling and facade systems.

During the PRANCE exhibition, the scene was unprecedentedly lively

As the Canton Fair enters its third day, PRANCE continues to attract the attention of visitors, showcasing the charm of its innovative products. Building upon previous successes, PRANCE presents a diverse range of solutions aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of the market.During the PRANCE exhibition, the scene was unprecedentedly lively 1

From stylish space capsules to captivating dome sunroom series, PRANCE, with its commitment to innovation and excellence, continues to garner admiration from attendees. Particularly, the Photovoltaic Glass, symbolizing environmental sustainability and investment potential, continues to impress and inspire potential buyers.During the PRANCE exhibition, the scene was unprecedentedly lively 2

With the growing interest and enthusiasm of participants, PRANCE's position in the industry is further solidified, driving discussions on environmental, sustainable, and economically feasible solutions. PRANCE looks forward to establishing new partnerships with more participants, jointly exploring broader market opportunities.

Welcome to the Canton Fair, and join PRANCE in exploring the innovative future of architecture and design!


The 4th Day of the 135th Canton Fair
Canton Fair Day 2: PRANCE's New Products Garner Attention
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