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PRANCE Lean Management Kickoff Conference

On July 3, 2024, PRANCE successfully held the kickoff conference themed “5S Lean Management.” This conference not only deeply introduced the core concepts of lean management but also included a series of engaging activities that ignited the enthusiasm and participation of all employees in lean management.

Lean management emphasizes clearly identifying customer needs and focusing on providing products or services that are valuable to customers, avoiding features and products that are not valuable. We are committed to optimizing every step from raw material procurement to final delivery to achieve a more efficient and smooth value stream.

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During the kickoff conference, we first detailed the basic concepts and significance of lean management

5S represents the first letters of the following Japanese words:

  • Seiso 
  • Seiri 
  • Seiton 
  • Seiso 
  •  Shitsuke

5S is the foundation of all management activities. The implementation of 5S activities:

1. Helps in marketing activities of the company.

2. Is the starting point for on-site improvement.

3. Aids in talent recruitment and solidifies improvement effects.

4. Is the starting point of all management and serves as an evaluation standard.

5. Enhances the participation awareness of all employees in business operations.

6. Makes the identification of the 3Ms (waste, overburden, unevenness) easier.

7. Allows employees to develop the belief that “if you do it, you can achieve it” through experience.

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Following this, we held the “Red Card Battle” activity. The purpose of this activity was to identify deficiencies in the production workshop, allowing everyone to practically experience and apply lean management concepts to identify and solve production issues.

During the activity, team members actively participated, proposed many solutions, and created innovative “Red Card Battle Posters” to showcase their understanding and application of lean management.

This event not only enhanced employees' awareness of lean management but also laid a solid foundation for future lean management practices. We look forward to everyone continuing to carry forward the spirit of lean management in their work, driving the company towards continuous progress!

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We firmly believe that through ongoing lean management practices, PRANCE will continuously optimize business processes, improve product and service value, and create more value for customers. Let us look forward to more breakthroughs and achievements on PRANCE's journey of lean management !

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