Foshan PRANCE Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the research and development, design, production and sales of project metal ceilings and aluminum solid panel metal facade systems. The company has professional imported production equipment and a team with rich experience and technology. The engineering design team can realize customized production of products.

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PRANCE brand has been engaged in the production of Metal facade aluminium solid panel products for more than ten years, and has been exposed to more facade projects. The decorative material of engineered metal facade aluminium solid panel has also been recognized by more and more customers. The metal facade project of the Philippine Comprehensive Shopping Center, which was just completed some time ago, uses the perforated aluminum solid panel products of the Persian brand for the 2500 square meter metal facade of the project. Compared with glass, porcelain and other facade materials, aluminum solid panel has the advantages of rich patterns, realistic effects, exquisite appearance and clear texture.

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Advocate energy conservation and environmental protection. In terms of decoration materials, we must also consider energy conservation and environmental protection. We try not to choose materials that are not environmentally friendly. Metal facade aluminum solid panel products are recyclable, which not only plays a role in protecting the ecological environment, but also Can reduce the waste of material resources.