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Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall

The uniquely designed golden electric louver sunshade, capable of opening and closing at any time with motorized control, swiftly transformed into a local landmark project.


Project Introduction And Construction Overview

This project is located in the capital of Cambodia and aims to create a technologically advanced five-star hotel with accommodation, business meeting facilities, dining options, and more.

After the initial design phase, the client sought a company capable of fully implementing their vision, which led them to approach our team for a comprehensive solution. The project involves a 4000m2 exterior façade adorned with golden blinds, providing the flexibility to open and close based on weather conditions.

Although the project presents certain challenges, PRANCE rich technical expertise and integrated production team have provided the client with a highly satisfactory purchasing experience.

Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 1

Project Time: Year 2021

The Products We Provide: Custom Electric Louver Sunshade

Application Scope: Building facade

Services We Provide: Design, Refine design, production, technical support



The Difficulty about this project is the electric control of this louver installed exterior. The irregular blinds experience uneven force during rotation. The travel distance is asymmetrical, with two panels on the left and four panels on the right being controlled by servo motors at different speeds. The aluminum material is seamlessly joined, without any visible welding points on the surface.



To address the first issue, safety was our top priority. Firstly, we installed a protective enclosure around the motor to ensure its waterproof capability. Additionally, we implemented waterproof protection at all electrical connections to prevent any issues during rainy weather.

Secondly, we applied a fluorocarbon coating in a gold color to the blinds. This ensures that the color remains vibrant and maintains its quality for a warranty period of over 15 years, considering it is a landmark project. We aim to keep it stunning for an extended period.

Lastly, we have resolved the smooth operation concern, ensuring that the motorized blinds system can be opened and closed seamlessly at any time.

Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 2


Preliminary Concept

The inclusion of advanced technology and the use of gold color represent a sense of sophistication and elevate the project to a new landmark status.


Production Process And Technical Services

We take extra care in all the joints and pay special attention to protecting the profiles themselves to ensure that the materials are not scratched. Additionally, it is crucial that for all such unique projects, we conduct multiple successful trial installations in our factory before shipping them to the site. We have engaged in several business communications with the local construction team regarding this project. We have also provided a comprehensive installation manual to the customer, ensuring that they can understand it clearly before we feel at ease.

Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 3
Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 4
Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 5
Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 6
Cambodia Hotel External Electric Louver Sunshade Curtain Wall 7


Finished Product Inspection

Final inspection is one of the crucial steps in our quality management process. We thoroughly examine every detail, including the surface finish and the functionality of the product. Of course, for this project, we use high-quality aluminum materials to ensure the product's inherent quality. Only after a thorough inspection and confirmation that everything is in order, do we proceed to pack the products securely.



The final outcome meets the client's requirements, and we are eagerly looking forward to visiting the project site in person to witness this stunning landmark ourselves.



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