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Shanghai Jinshan Xingjue Temple Project

Xingjue Temple is located at 568 Fengwan Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai. Originally named Yueming Temple, it was built during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty and has a history of over 400 years.

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Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

The Xingjue Temple covers an area of 10185 square meters, and the building area inside the temple is 3025 square meters. With the increasing popularity of incense, in order to better serve the continuous flow of pilgrims and improve the living conditions of monks, the temple launched an important renovation and renovation plan in October 2020 to redesign and improve the internal environment of the temple.

Project Timeline:


Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We


detailed design scheme/ceiling mockup

Application Scope:

interior ceiling

Services We Offer:

Provide detailed design solutions, plan product drawings, cross reference product information multiple times, and demonstrate 3D models

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| Challenge

In he deepening design plan of the Xingjue Temple, we face two major challenges:

firstly, the ceiling design must be in line with the Buddhist cultural style to maintain the spirit and tradition of the temple;

Secondly, the ceiling structure of the Sekikue Temple itself is relatively high, making the design process more complex and demanding precise and strict requirements for product selection and matching.

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| Solution

To ensure that the ceiling design of the Sejong Temple is both in line with Buddhist culture and safe and stable, we have integrated a professional team for design. Structural engineers evaluate the safety of the building, select adaptive materials, and ensure construction accuracy. Throughout the process, all parties involved maintained close communication to ensure the accurate implementation of the design intent.


| Installation Drawings

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■ detailed design drawings

| 3D modeling renderings

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| Production Process Diagram

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| Detailed Design Renderings

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