Metal facade is a modern and popular form of building curtain wall. Various types of aluminum solid panel finished products are produced by bending, arc rolling, welding, installation, grinding, spraying and other processing methods.

Aluminum Solid Panel

Aluminum solid panel has excellent processing performance, can be selected in a variety of colors, and has good safety and decorative effect. Metal aluminum solid panel can fully adapt to the design of various complex shapes, and can process various types of curved lines, giving architects a huge space to play and expanding the design space of curtain wall designers.

Aluminum solid panels have relatively high performance and price, low maintenance costs and long service life.

Aluminum Facade Panel

The exterior wall metal facade is a lighter material than the stone material, which reduces the load of the building structure and foundation, and provides a good selection condition for the exterior decoration of high-rise buildings.

The performance of the metal panel is good, and the performance of fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, antifouling and corrosion resistance is excellent. No matter processing, transportation, installation, cleaning and other construction operations are easier to implement.

Exterior Metal Ceiling Panels

The anti-deformation ability of the metal facade system must be scientifically calculated for each important part of the metal facade system, considering the influence of wind pressure, self-weight, earthquake, temperature, etc. Firmware is carefully checked to ensure the safety of the metal facade.

When the aluminum solid panel is produced, it is ensured that it is produced accurately according to the drawing size, to ensure the integrity of the facade, and will not cause the facade to be deformed by the force, and avoid the occurrence of bulge or depression on the surface of the curtain wall.

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Aluminum Exterior Wall Panels