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TEDA Eighth Factory Project

The Delta Electronics' Taiflex Factory 8 in Thailand, located in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate, is an investment by Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. The project has a total investment of nearly 3 billion Thai baht. Factory 8 specializes in the research, development, and production of electric vehicle power electronics, including vehicle chargers, DC converters, and motor drives.

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Project Overview And Architectural Profile:

The newly completed Factory 8 and R&D Center, covering an area of 30,400 square meters, will provide additional production capacity to meet the rapidly growing electric vehicle business. Through these new facilities, Delta Electronics not only enhances productivity but also improves product quality, while also supporting the Thai government's policy of positioning Thailand as a "hub for future transportation" and a "center for the digital economy."

Project Timeline


Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We


Wood Grain Aluminum Square Tube

Application Scope:

suspended ceiling

Services We Offer:

Planning product drawings, demonstrating 3D models, cross-referencing product information multiple times, material selection for products, and providing technical guidance and support during construction.

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| Challenge

Due to its multi-layered and intersecting design, ensuring the uniformity and stability of each layer is crucial. This not only pertains to the structural integrity but also directly impacts the overall aesthetics and professionalism. Even the slightest deviation can trigger a chain reaction, resulting in an unsatisfactory final outcome. Therefore, during the design and construction process, we employ advanced technologies and stringent quality control measures to ensure that each layer fits perfectly.

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| Solution

To overcome these challenges, the PRANCE team employed advanced laser measurement and CAD technology to ensure installation precision and utilized a pre-assembly process to minimize on-site errors. The team also conducted thorough material testing and carefully selected the most suitable materials for the project's requirements, ensuring the successful completion and high-quality delivery of the final project.

Product Transportation

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| Final Completion

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