Compared with the ceilings of other materials, the metal ceiling has better texture and decoration. In general, the advantages of metal suspended ceilings include several aspects:

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1. The PRANCE metal ceiling product has a long service life. Due to the greater strength of the metal material, it is more resistant to compression and corrosion during use, and is not easy to wear. High quality metal ceilings have a long service life.

2. The metal ceiling can resist high temperature, and its fireproof and moisture-proof properties are relatively good. In addition, the metal ceiling can effectively resist static electricity.

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3. Compared with PVC suspended ceilings, metal suspended ceilings have better compression resistance, are more resistant to deformation and fall off, and are better than PVC suspended ceilings in terms of durability. It is also more beautiful to install.

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4. When it comes to decoration, metal ceilings are available in a variety of designs, textures, and finishes. There is a huge preference for metal ceiling designs to suit any new design. Therefore,  in addition to the superior texture, the metal ceiling can be matched with a variety of styles. It is more beautiful to match with the surrounding glass partitions and aluminum doors and windows.

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5. The metal ceiling installation system is convenient, and the maintenance and cleaning are easy.

6. Metal ceilings are suitable for commercial scenes, such as indoor and outdoor ceiling installations in offices, shopping malls, subway stations, airports, hospitals, and schools.

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