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Gas station project


metal ceiling solution

Ceiling System

Description: The Ceiling installation of the gas station.

Characteristics: Windproof and durable,etc.

Products: Aluminum H-shape strip ceiling , Channel , etc.


metal ceiling solution

Pillar decoration

Description: The products installation of the gas station pillars

Characteristics:Beautiful,Flame retardant, durable,etc.

Products: Custom aluminum veneer,etc.

metal ceiling solution

▼ PRANCE Service Step For Building Material & Project

metal ceiling solution

1. According to the drawing and BOQ from customer, and the communication between PRANCE’s representatives and clients.We will know the project basic information and the products requests.

metal ceiling solution

2. After PRANCE’s technical team study & analyze the plan drawings and BOQ from customer,we list out to our clients what we can supply, show initial design and offer production quotation.

Gas station project 6

3. We will make adjustment with our clients suggestions after he/she checked our design plan.

Then we will offer a final design and products application sketches. With the customer’s approval of this order we start the production.




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