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Canton Fair Day 2: PRANCE's New Products Garner Attention

On the second day of the Canton Fair, PRANCE showcased three groundbreaking innovative products—Space Capsule, Dome Sunroom Series, and Photovoltaic Glass—that garnered significant interest from a large number of prospective buyers.

Canton Fair Day 2: PRANCE's New Products Garner Attention 1

These products demonstrated clear advantages in low-carbon environmental protection, sparking great enthusiasm among attendees. Particularly, the innovative nature of Photovoltaic Glass, achieving both environmental sustainability and substantial investment value, left attendees astonished and inspired.Canton Fair Day 2: PRANCE's New Products Garner Attention 2


Buyers expressed strong interest and a desire for further collaboration and communication with the manufacturer on these environmentally friendly, sustainable, and economically beneficial innovative products, aiming to jointly explore broader market prospects.

During the PRANCE exhibition, the scene was unprecedentedly lively
The 135th Canton Fair Grand Opening, PRANCE Unveils Innovative Products
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