PRANCE metalwork is a leading manufacturer of metal ceiling and facade systems.

Welcome to the PRANCE Booth at China (Indonesia) Trade Fair, Share the Global Trade Feast

On November 23. 2023 PRANCE officially opened its doors at the Jakarta International Expo Center in Indonesia.

At the exhibition center, the booth of PRANCE shines like a brilliant pearl, attracting buyers from around the world. We warmly welcome all customers to visit and share in this global trade feast. Here, you will have the opportunity to personally experience our products, feel our services, and engage in in-depth discussions with our professional team.

PRANCE metal ceiling and facade solutions lead the industry's new trends with outstanding quality and innovative design. Our products not only possess excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance but also feature unique designs and a rich variety of colors to meet the diverse needs of our customers.We believe that PRANCE products will add a unique charm to your engineering projects.Welcome to the PRANCE Booth at China (Indonesia) Trade Fair, Share the Global Trade Feast  1

During the exhibition, PRANCE will also host a series of marketing activities featuring on-site engagement with our team of professional business and technical experts. Attendees will have the opportunity for interactive experiences, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of PRANCE products and firsthand experience the unique charm they bring. These activities aim not only to provide visitors with insights into PRANCE product offerings but also to allow them to engage directly with the expertise and distinctive features of PRANCE solutions.Welcome to the PRANCE Booth at China (Indonesia) Trade Fair, Share the Global Trade Feast  2

PRANCE Indonesia Exhibition is scheduled for November 23-25. Despite its brevity, our enthusiasm and professionalism will not diminish. We look forward to a deep collaboration with you to create a brighter future together. PRANCE embraces an open-minded approach and an innovative spirit, welcoming clients and partners from around the globe. We anticipate sharing this delightful moment with you, embarking on a new business journey together. Whether you are a long-standing client or a new friend, we extend the warmest welcome with the utmost sincerity and professional service. We eagerly await your presence!

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