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Advantages of PRANCE metal aluminum panels

The rise of metal suspended ceilings can be attributed to various characteristics of metal materials. Metal materials possess high hardness and durability, offering several advantages over commonly used building materials such as gypsum boards and wooden boards.

One of the major advantages of metal suspended ceilings is their lightweight nature, which reduces the overall load-bearing weight of buildings and improves safety. For instance, when our company was bidding for a project involving the construction of a suspended ceiling in a central shopping mall, there were debates regarding the choice of material. Some individuals proposed using gypsum material, while others were opposed to it due to its excessive weight. A square meter of gypsum material with a thickness of 20mm weighs around 40kg, resulting in the entire suspended ceiling weighing up to 20 tons when reinforced with steel. On the contrary, if aluminum plates with a thickness of 3mm were used instead, the weight would be significantly reduced to around 9kg per square meter. This would result in the entire ceiling weighing only 3.6 tons, with the steel frame not exceeding 7 tons. Consequently, the organizers decided to opt for aluminum plates for constructing the double-curved roof, emphasizing the importance of lightweight materials, especially in super high-rise buildings where materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or copper are commonly used.

Furthermore, metal materials offer excellent fire resistance. In China, fireproof materials are classified into different categories such as Class A (non-combustible), Class B1 (flammable), Class B2 (combustible), and Class B3 (flammable). Aluminum is classified as a Class A (non-combustible) material, making it suitable for interior decoration purposes. On the other hand, combustible materials like wood and plastic boards are prohibited from being used in large public building suspended ceilings. Moreover, flammable materials cannot be utilized in the roofs and walls of ultra-tall structures. In such areas, metal materials are widely preferred due to their fire-resistant properties.

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Another significant advantage of metal materials is their long lifespan. Unlike other materials that are prone to rot, cracks, or breakage over time, metal materials remain intact. Large buildings or public places require materials that do not necessitate frequent renovations, unlike smaller establishments. By utilizing high-quality surface treatment technologies, metal materials can retain their original condition for up to 20 years.

The use of metal materials in decoration also adds a sense of nobility and prestige. In comparison to wood, plaster, or ceramic tiles, aluminum panels exude a natural sense of elegance and distinction. The pursuit of creating a noble atmosphere has always been a goal in interior decoration, as it aids in attracting and retaining customers.

Moreover, metal materials are highly suitable for large space decoration. Whether used as suspended ceilings or walls, decorative materials in large spaces must possess greater rigidity to accommodate the expansive areas. Metal materials excel in this aspect as they eliminate the need for seams, which is unachievable with materials like wood and plasterboard.

The versatility of metal materials is another reason for their growing popularity. This versatility encompasses a wide range of shapes and colors that can be designed and manufactured due to advancements in science and technology. Specifically, artistic shapes such as hyperboloids and polygons can be effortlessly created. Additionally, various metal surface treatment technologies are available to meet the diverse requirements of users. For example, if a long-lasting paint is desired, fluorocarbon paint can be used. Similarly, wear-resistant baked enamel paint can be applied for enhanced hardness, anodizing treatment can be employed for matte static elimination, and imitation wood grain transfer technology can be utilized to achieve a wood grain texture.

Furthermore, the adoption of factory production has revolutionized the construction industry. In the past, decorations were predominantly made on-site, with wooden boards and gypsum boards requiring processing that took up significant space and time, causing pollution. Nowadays, metal sheets are used, which reduces construction time, minimizes environmental pollution, and increases overall efficiency.

In conclusion, the surge in popularity of metal suspended ceilings can be attributed to the numerous advantageous characteristics offered by metal materials. These materials are lightweight, possess excellent fire resistance, boast long service lives, exude a noble sense of grade, facilitate large space decoration, offer diversification and change in terms of shapes and colors, and are manufacturable in factory settings. As a prominent aluminum panel manufacturer in China, Prance Building Material Company Limited specializes in a wide range of metal panels, including aluminum panel ceilings, wood grain aluminum panels, perforated aluminum panels, customized aluminum panels, curved aluminum panels, hyperbolic aluminum panels, special-shaped aluminum panels, and exterior wall aluminum panels. Consequently, they have become the designated metal panel suppliers for numerous large-scale projects.

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