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Some common sense that everyone must know when buying aluminum ceilings

Currently, the market for aluminum-coated ceilings presents a wide range of prices. Unfortunately, some businesses take advantage of consumers' lack of knowledge about metal ceilings and sell inferior products. This deceptive practice not only harms consumers but also damages the reputation of established brands in the industry. In order to make informed decisions when purchasing aluminum ceilings, it is crucial for everyone to understand a few key points. This article aims to provide valuable information on what to consider when buying aluminum ceilings.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize the brand of the aluminum panels. Reputable companies always have their own brand and will have a layer of protective film on the surface of their products. On the other hand, non-branded aluminum panels often only come with a transparent white protective film, indicating that they are not from a recognized brand and may even be of inferior quality.

Additionally, it is vital to pay attention to the aluminum plate stamp. It is advisable to ensure that the ceiling and keel come from the same manufacturer. Using different manufacturers for these components can result in installation accuracy issues. Large companies produce different plate types with their own matching keels. These keels will have brand imprints that cannot be wiped off, providing reassurance of their authenticity and quality.

Some common sense that everyone must know when buying aluminum ceilings 1

Another important consideration is the material of the aluminum plate. Contrary to popular belief, thicker aluminum plates do not necessarily indicate better quality. In fact, inferior aluminum gusset plates often tamper with the aluminum substrate and use a thick coating to compensate for a thin base material. A good-quality aluminum plate should possess properties such as hardness, elasticity, toughness, and curvature. It should not age or deform even after prolonged use. To check the quality, tapping the aluminum gusset plate with your fingers should produce a clear, crisp metal sound for better material, while poorer material will produce a dull sound.

The color of the laminated board is also indicative of its quality. In general, a brighter and more reflective surface coating is desirable. The coating should be fine and smooth, without any wrinkles or color changes after long-term use.

Lastly, it is crucial to consider the quality of the keel. Many consumers tend to overlook this aspect. Keels are typically made of aluminum, iron, or fingerprint-free steel. While aluminum keels do not rust, they are more expensive and less commonly used. Iron keels, on the other hand, are prone to rust, which can stain the ceiling and affect its stability over time. Fingerprint-free steel keels offer a good alternative as they are less likely to rust and are currently the most commonly used and best-selling type of keels in the home decoration market.

When purchasing ceilings, it is essential to keep these five points in mind to avoid ending up with unsatisfactory products. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose an aluminum veneer manufacturer that suits your specific requirements. PRANCE, for example, is a highly regarded company that has received praise for its production status, capacity, quality, and technical level. They strictly adhere to international quality management systems and conduct thorough quality inspections and trial assemblies for all their finished products. The ceilings produced by PRANCE are known for their safety, solidity, durability, as well as their ease of assembly and disassembly.

In conclusion, purchasing aluminum ceilings requires careful consideration of various factors. By recognizing the brand and stamp of the aluminum panels, examining the material and color of the laminated board, and evaluating the quality of the keel, consumers can make well-informed decisions. Furthermore, selecting a reputable manufacturer like PRANCE ensures that the ceilings purchased meet international quality standards and deliver long-lasting performance.

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