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How to do daily maintenance of aluminum panel curtain wall

Expanding the article on the maintenance knowledge of aluminum panel curtain walls.

Aluminum panel curtain walls are widely used in modern architecture due to their ability to enhance the appearance of buildings. However, it is crucial for everyone involved to have a clear understanding of the maintenance knowledge during the use of these curtain walls. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on the maintenance practices for aluminum panel curtain walls, ensuring their longevity and maximizing their social value.

1. Quality Inspection during the Warranty Period:

How to do daily maintenance of aluminum panel curtain wall 1

Aluminum panel manufacturers typically conduct quality inspections within the warranty period for the curtain walls they supply. As the inspections are organized by the supplier, it is essential for the users to actively participate and observe the inspection process. Any quality problems discovered during this period should be promptly communicated to the supplier for timely elimination or rectification. This step is vital in ensuring the long-term functionality and effectiveness of the aluminum panel curtain walls.

2. Regular Check of Adhesion:

After the aluminum curtain wall panels are installed, regular inspections should be conducted to check the adhesion of the rubber strips or glue injections used. Since aluminum panel curtain walls involve splicing, the use of rubber strips or glue injections is necessary. Any detachment or damage to these adhesives should be immediately addressed by repairing or replacing them. This practice guarantees the durability and stability of the curtain walls.

3. Attention to Touch-Up Paint Treatment:

The surface of aluminum panel curtain walls is directly exposed to the environment and susceptible to scratches. Timely treatment of these scratches is essential to maintain the appearance and integrity of the curtain walls. Touch-up painting is a simple and effective method to fix minor damages. By addressing these issues promptly, the potential for more extensive and costly repairs in the future is significantly reduced.

4. Regular Cleaning:

Due to prolonged exposure to the air, the aluminum panel curtain walls will accumulate dust from the atmosphere. Regular cleaning is necessary to maintain their visual appeal and prevent the accumulation of dirt that might affect their overall aesthetics. However, it is important to be cautious with water pressure during the cleaning process, as excessive pressure could potentially damage the panels. Using mild detergents and soft brushes or sponges is recommended to preserve the quality of the curtain walls.

In conclusion, understanding and implementing proper maintenance practices for aluminum panel curtain walls is essential to maximize their longevity and enhance their social value. Performing quality inspections during the warranty period, conducting regular checks on adhesion, promptly addressing touch-up paint treatments, and incorporating regular cleaning routines are all crucial steps in ensuring the continued effectiveness of aluminum panel curtain walls. By adhering to these maintenance guidelines, both the initial capital investment and long-term energy conservation goals associated with these curtain walls can be achieved, providing immense value to the building and its occupants.

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