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Specific steps for installing aluminum panel curtain wall

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your building facade? Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the detailed steps involved in installing an aluminum panel curtain wall. Let's dive right in!

The usual method of installing aluminum panel curtain wall is four steps:

1. Measure and set out.

2. Connectors to fix the skeleton.

3. Fix the skeleton.

4. Installation of aluminum alloy plates.

1. The measurement and setting-out lines must be coordinated with the measurement network of the main structure. Based on the baseline of the main structure, the plane baseline and elevation baseline of the curtain wall should be laid out. In addition to using conventional theodolite and level to measure and set-out, the current construction More and more advanced measuring instruments with lasers are used on site.

2. The horizontal and vertical rods of the skeleton are fixed to the structure through connectors, and the connectors and the structure can be welded firmly to the embedded parts of the structure, or expansion screws can be driven on the wall. Because the latter method is flexible, there is no dimensional error. It is smaller and easier to position accurately, so it is more commonly used.

3. After installation, check the centerline, surface elevation, etc., and use a theodolite to connect the horizontal and vertical rods. Pay attention to the processing of deformation joints, settlement joints and lightning protection connections.

4. Installation of aluminum alloy plates. After the aluminum panels are made and formed, the entire plate is connected to the keel through the surrounding aluminum corner codes. Fix it on the keel with screws. It is strictly forbidden to twist, deform or bruise. Pay attention to the installation accuracy control. The verticality of the facade is 2mm; the surface flatness is 3mm; the external angle is 3mm square; the joints are straight 0.5mm. In addition to considering the decorative effect of the facade, the joint width of the aluminum panels must also consider the amount of thermal expansion and contraction after thermal expansion. The joints must be sealed with weather-resistant glue to prevent gas penetration and rainwater leakage.

When injecting caulking weather-resistant glue, you should pay attention to:

Fully clean the gaps between the boards, clean the bonding surface, and dry it;

In order to adjust the depth of the seam and avoid glue on three sides, the seam is filled with polyvinyl chloride foam material (small round rod);

After injecting glue, the surface of the glue joint should be smoothed and excess glue should be removed;

Pay attention to the maintenance after glue injection. Before the glue is completely hardened, do not be contaminated with dust or scratched. After the aluminum panel curtain wall is installed, tear off the protective tape on the surface of the aluminum panel layer by layer from top to bottom, and simultaneously dismantle the frame layer by layer. , when disassembling, care should be taken to protect the aluminum panels from being bumped or scratched, and then the construction of the entire curtain wall project is completed. During the installation process, the project was constructed strictly in accordance with the requirements, and the quality control principle was adhered to that if the previous process was not qualified, the next process should not be carried out.

Specific steps for installing aluminum panel curtain wall 1

In conclusion, installing an aluminum panel curtain wall requires careful planning and execution. These specific steps ensure a seamless installation process: 1) Begin by measuring the area and designing the panels accordingly. 2) Install the necessary support structures and framing. 3) Attach the aluminum panels, ensuring proper alignment and secure fastening. 4) Apply waterproofing and sealant to prevent any leakage. 5) Conduct thorough testing and inspections before finalizing the installation. By following these steps, a durable and aesthetically pleasing aluminum panel curtain wall can be achieved, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of the building.

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