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Shaped Square Tube - Malaysia TRX Mall Project Engineering

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Project Overview and Architectural Profile:

The project commenced at the beginning of the construction of the shopping mall, but due to confidentiality requirements and other factors, PRANCE did not reveal any information or graphics prior to the opening of the TRX mall. This project is also a world-class major undertaking, demanding extremely high standards in both the craftsmanship and product details of PRANCE products.

With the continuous improvement and strengthening of craftsmanship technology and management systems, PRANCE is more confident in handling various international and long-term projects, including ones like the TRX mall project. Being able to participate and contribute to such a project as TRX mall, and to receive such satisfactory honor and recognition, is undoubtedly a tremendous encouragement for the many employees of PRANCE.


Project Timeline:    December 2023

Project Location:     

Special customized aluminum ceiling - shaped aluminum veneer

Project Location:

The Shaped Aluminum Veneer Customized According To The Design Requirements Is Only For This Shopping Mall. If You Have Any Needs, Please Contact Us.

Exterior/Interior/Hanging System Products We Offer:

Tun Razak International Financial Center, International Financial District, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Services We Offer:

Planning product drawings, three-dimensional model demonstrations,multiple checks of drawings and product information, product selection, processing and production, technical guidance and support during construction...


Problems faced by this project:

First problem : The craftsmanship technology of the product involved a complex design for the suspended ceiling. which was created using a technigueof densely fittina toaether multiple panels, However, the need to ioin so many panels undoubtedly increased the technicadifficulty in ensuring product precision.

Second problem : The surface treatment of the product plays a crucial role in its aesthetic appeal and durability. This largely depends on the key post- process of spray painting. The spray painting technique not only endows the product with a beautiful appearance but also provides important protective functions such as anti-corrosion, cold resistance, and heat resistance. However, due to the unique design of thisproduct,the preparatory cleaning work required for spray painting also presents a significant challenge.

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Compatible solution plan:

To address the first technical issue related to the complexity of the design, we adopted a method of individually cataloging each panel, cutting it with a specialized cutting machine, and marking it with a unique number. To ensure dimensional accuracy, our engineers developed high-precision molds to ensure that each panel fits tightly together, maintaining a dimensional tolerance of ±0.5mm throughout the product.

To address the second issue concerning the surface treatment of the product, we created small drainage holes at the welding points of each profile to prevent water accumulation inside during the cleaning process. After undergoing cleaning and conveyor belt spray painting, there might be corners and joints that the equipment cannot fully cover due to the numerous interconnections and angles of the product. Therefore, we also conducted manual inspections and supplemental spray painting to ensure that the coating covers every corner of each piece.

Product drawings:

   Line draft of product ceiling layout:

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   Line draft of product ceiling layout:

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Shaped Square Tube - Malaysia TRX Mall Project Engineering 7

Our Advantage

Seeing Such A Beautiful Decorative Ceiling Applied In Malaysia's Most Upscale Shopping Center, Are You Curious About How It Came Into Existence? How Did It Go Through A Series Of Meticulous Processes To Take Shape? 

The Video Alongside Will Unveil The General Process Behind The Creation Of This Product, Taking You Closer To PRANCE's Production Base.

Construction site photos:

 Taking photos at the construction site:

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 Photographed after project completion:

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