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Aluminum perforated ceiling unit price

Welcome to our blog post on aluminum perforated ceiling unit price! If you're looking for an affordable and stylish way to enhance your space, this is the ultimate guide for you. Whether it's a residential or commercial project, we've got all the insights and information you need. Join us as we explore the world of aluminum perforated ceilings and uncover their incredible benefits, trends, and most importantly, how much they cost. Get ready to be inspired by the endless possibilities that await – let's dive in!

Aluminum gushing ceiling The products are mainly divided into home improvement panels and workplaces. The two products are made of different processing methods. The home improvement panel is mainly used for coating.Good fire prevention, moisture -proof, and corrosion resistance.It is commonly used in various places for office, conference hall, factory building, hospital, hotel, bank, etc.

Many manufacturers of aluminum perforated ceiling will quote according to the film, and the conventional quotation is calculated according to square meters. This is why we will see how the price gap between the online aluminum perforated panel is so large. Generally ordinary conventional products per square meter per square meterAbout 50 yuan, the price of the converted into the film, each price goes to 18 yuan. When we buy it, we must see it clearly, whether it is calculated by the film or the square, and some manufacturers will add the price of the accessories.Consultation when you buy it.

The price of aluminum perforateds of different thickness is different. The thicker the thickness, the more expensive the price. The generally conventional engineering is enough for 0.8 thickness.The common specifications of aluminum perforateds are: 300*600, 600*600, 600*1200, 300*1200, etc.Thickness optional 0.5 --- 1.0mm

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