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Aluminum perforated ceiling white

Aluminum gushing ceiling white is basically more engineering for engineering. The home -dressed aluminum perforated ceiling mainly uses a variety of membrane panels with many surface patterns.Spray out, the products come out of a single color or various wood grain colors. The engineering aluminum perforated is more white (various levels of white), gray, black, etc.color. White of aluminum perforated ceiling We are more common in various offices, conference rooms, schools, hospitals, banks, exhibition halls and other places.300*1200 are the main types, and others can also consult product suppliers.The effect of the aluminum perforated ceiling is relatively flat, and each panel can be disassembled independently. The construction maintenance is very convenient. The weight of the aluminum perforated is light, fireproof, moisture -proof, and corrosion resistance. It can be completely recycled.The green environmental ceiling decoration products have also been recognized by more and more customers! PRANCE brand professional engineering aluminum perforated ceiling product manufacturer, 18 years of industry production and sales experience, products are best -selling.30,000 square meters of modern production plant, 4 automatic product production lines can meet the supply needs of major engineering projects.Consultation hotline: 4009950559

Aluminum perforated ceiling white 1

highly valued our product laboratories, production equipment and product inspection facilities.

 PRANCE runs a complete product quality inspection system. We strictly control the whole process from design, raw material selection, production and processing to packaging and transportation. All this ensures that have good quality, beautiful and stylish look, and long-lasting gloss.


Aluminum perforated ceiling white 2

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